It is *that* anniversary today. Do something decent in anyone's name but God's.

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I just can't believe its been 7 years...

Its been more of a reflection of the passing of time than a day of remembrance for me. I was a "kid" when it happened, I thought it was a joke, or an elaborate hoax. I was also still religious (kinda). Things have changed a lot.
Tag: the day i lost faith

Who does it apply to ?

My scenario:

Ordinary night. Wait for my GF to go to sleep, watch a West Wing episode finish. Midnight OZ time. Cut to, with no notice, smoking WTC tower. I thought it was a Bruce Willis film. Keep watching. No commentary disturbs me. Keep watching. The second plane hits. Still think its a Bruce Willis film. Numb, tired. It sinks in. The news droids were speechless. Hence the silence. See live footage of people jumping. the stuff that was censored in the US.

Swan diving, all hope is lost, concrete, quick death. Imagine being them.

I had to be on a plane 7am the next morning. I got to the airport, you could hear a pin drop. Silence. Pure horror, pure silence. You had to be there.

If there is a single argument, I wish you were there.
Thats wish you could've been at the airport, not the WTC.


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