This is why we exist. This kind of belief and behavior is getting dangerously close to the White House. Watch and shudder!


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Link doesn't work.
you might have to copy and paste it to your browser
The link should be:

But the video's been taken down.
I suppose that is very scary.
Its a conspiracy!
Isn't it all?
Is it about Scientology. They have been doing a massive amount of take downs.

I got "video is unavailable".

There are many explanations for why we exist, religious people define it spiritually yet us atheists finding a scientific reason and a fact to our existence. however found this very interesting article about why we exist.

Theists who, upon discovering that I'm an Atheist, asks: "Then why do you exist?"

Me, as patronizingly as possible: "Well, you see, when a mommy and daddy love each other very much..."

splish splash i was takin' a baaath...

corporate gangster cult. ~ ?

bbc journalist had shouting match w/one of t h e m....

anyhew; they role like drug dealer oil tycoons w/their all black and black windowed vehicles... 
so fyi. 

I'm thinking drugs involved; not sure which. noticed LRonHubb w/opium poppies behind em' during old footage at one of his places?
Funny google's kind of a new frontier...

I think it's only natural to vent frustration. Arts are part of that .. some say mediation; I say outlet.
Now what were we talking about? religions.. art is my multifaceted way of life. outside that ~pfffft

And btw; America is scary from time to time.. street to street... SOIA, Jungle track. classic hxc; cya!


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