This morning, I opened a card from my Born Again mother-in-law. She has a habit of writing lots of letters, which is not so bad in theory, except that she can be visciously judgemental (with an emphasis on "mental.")

For example, when her son moved in with me, she wrote him a letter that had such bad things to say about me (before we ever met) that he shredded it after reading the first sentence and said he'd never tell me what it said.

I  used to see the cards pile up on his desk when we were dating, and asked him why he wasn't opening them. "Because it's just a bunch of religious crap," he replied. Sometimes I'd open one and it was usually not too bad, though she has a way of making subtle stinging comments at times (but that's a "mom" thing in general I suspect!!)

Anyway, this morning I opened one of her weekly cards, which was addressed to me, with some basic chitchat about a recent e-mail exchange we had, a health update, and a description of the changing seasons and the wildlife around the house. But most remarkable was what she did NOT include, the usual closing signature "Blessings in Jesus' Love," and the biblical quote(s.) Huh. How about that.

I even looked on the back of the card to see what church it may have been purchased through- nope, it's a Sierra Club card/photo. Hmmm! I re-read it to make sure........."Not a single mention of God in this one," I told my husband. "That's a keeper!" he said, a departure from his usual, "Just toss it on the fire!"

Could it be a new year's resolution on her part, not to stuff God into every nook and cranny of our blissfully-godless lives?? I don't plan on being too optimistic, no way it would be that simple, but I had to express my relief and dare to hope, even if for a few days......until the next card!!

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All I can add is that it is very hard to get a Christian to part from their beliefs. I know from many debates. So all I can say is be wary.

It will be interesting to see how she does over time. Good luck! 

Got another card (wow she's especially prolific this year) and at first it was promising- a detailed description of what's going on with the garden, how the seasons are changing, which animals are visiting.....then she adds a handwritten closing saying something about the new printer, then "In Jesus' Love, Mom."

Bah. In any case, she was on a roll for two cards.

While I'm impressed she doesn't mix Jesus into the rest of the content, she once sent an e-mail that really got under my skin in that way. She forwarded a series of photos showing a bluebird flying around its dead mate on the ground, clearly upset. She talked about how it's evidence that even animals are capable of "God's love," or some such horsepoop.

I told my husband, "Should I reply saying that it was really touching, and how we should all go out to Chick-Fil-A to celebrate 'God's love' in the animal kingdom?!" His family loves Chick-Fil-A, perhaps even more so with the added gay-bashing. I'm a pesce-vegetarian btw.


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