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Does Richard Dawkins overstate in his book The God Delusion that "Religion is the sole cause of conflict in the world"? What are your opinions?

When we look at statistics, we can argue that religion is not just the major cause of conflict around the world. There are quite many peopl…

Started by Shashwat Singh Pokharel

26 Mar 22
Reply by Bill_Hicks_Worshipper

Spiritual, holy, sacred, and divine are misapplied labels.

  For they are not descriptions of status, but misguided assertions of value.   They don't exist, in other words - for there is nothing qua…

Started by John Brunelle

0 Mar 22

Something can be real but not valid.

Something that you hold on to your whole life and which inspires, fulfills and gives your life what you would term "meaning" can be very re…

Started by John Brunelle

4 Mar 22
Reply by Michael Penn

New Book Claims Catholic Church is Rich and Corrupt.

Next, it's hot and sunny in California, and the oceans are wet. via the Friendly Atheist website, God’s Bankers: Gerald Posner’s Financial…

Started by Daniel W

1 Mar 22
Reply by Patricia

"If I don't know god exists, then you don't know god exists."

I believe that the entire god question can be reduced to that one statement. It supports an epistemological certitude in that, knowable =…

Started by John Brunelle

4 Mar 22
Reply by Gerald Payne

Not a fan of the term "unbeliever".

Although the definition is somewhat benign: "someone who has no religious beliefs, or who does not follow a particular religion." It carr…

Started by John Brunelle

10 Mar 22
Reply by Dyslexic's DOG

The entire God question can be summed up in one assertion.

"If I don't know there is a god, then you don't know there is a god." The existence of any form of god cannot be asserted. To assert the…

Started by John Brunelle

7 Mar 21
Reply by tom sarbeck

Would Jesus Do This? Catholic Church Drenches Homeless People.

Catholic Church, Saint Mary's Cathedral,  in San Francisco set up sprinkler system to drench homeless people.   "According to San Francisc…

Started by Daniel W

14 Mar 20
Reply by Grinning Cat

A Christian Nation? Since When?

A Christian Nation? Since When? "the founding fathers didn’t create the ceremonies and slogans that come to mind when we consider whether t…

Started by Joan Denoo

8 Mar 20
Reply by Joan Denoo

In Myanmar: Prison for depicting Buddha with headphones. "A bar manager from New Zealand and two Burmese men were sentenced to two years in prison in Myanmar on T…

Started by Daniel W

2 Mar 19
Reply by Bertold Brautigan


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