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Ontology and Identity

Hi, Just a quick survey regarding what you think your Ontological/essential nature is from the various accounts on Identity/Perosnal Identi…

Started by Simon JM

40 Mar 11, 2009
Reply by Simon JM

Sense and Goodness Without God: A Defense of Metaphysical Naturalism

I've started reading Sense and Goodness Without God: A Defense of Metaphysical Naturalism by Richard Carrier. Very enjoyable so far. I thin…

Started by Nate

1 Mar 2, 2009
Reply by Nate

Is it more rational to be an atheist than a Christian?

I have for a while persuaded myself that knowledge is simply justified belief rather than justified true belief. Obviously, some justificat…

Started by Deborah

10 Feb 26, 2009
Reply by mthoreau

you can not fix stupid..

religion and boarders....are mankind's biggest failures...

Started by Radiosucks

1 Feb 22, 2009
Reply by Radiosucks

The Fate Debate

I need other people's opinions on a debate I have been having with my boyfriend. I consider myself an Atheist, but I believe in Fate. (I de…

Started by Miranda Lambert

4 Feb 19, 2009
Reply by Miranda Lambert

Compatibilism as an alternative to the free will/determinism debate

Not to take away from the clout of the Free Will Discussion that keeps going in one of the other posts, but i was wondering what everyones…

Started by RogAgainst

3 Feb 16, 2009
Reply by RogAgainst

What "Does it for you?"

Atheists in my experience are pretty diverse in their world views and ideologies. If you don't believe in god, what do you believe in? I fi…

Started by mthoreau

34 Feb 2, 2009
Reply by mthoreau

Reliion and the end of the world

Will religion be the cause of the end of human beings or just the cleansing of the race to thier beliefs?

Started by michael mcmire

14 Jan 20, 2009
Reply by Sean Lewis

A tack on Cartesian Dualism

This is something I wrote for some other site. I want to know what you think and I will post the following comments users made on that site…

Started by LeaT

8 Jan 14, 2009
Reply by LeaT

The Meaning of Life

Josh Nankivel Christmas day was my birthday. 31 times has our planet we call Earth orbited around the star known as…

Started by Josh

1 Dec 27, 2008
Reply by mthoreau


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