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"the faith that truth will be revealed"

The one who has recognized the power of truth finds no need to prove it. When someone challenges the truth of what we are saying, our usual…

Started by AgeOfAtheists14

8 Feb 22, 2010
Reply by Jacob Gladden


I haven't seen a discussion post on sex, yet. What are your thoughts, as non-religious, on human sexuality? We are animals and are connecte…

Started by Brandy

23 Feb 17, 2010
Reply by Meggan Dominytus

A.B. Simpson said of he, "this daring blasphemer." named Robert G. Ingersoll

Maybe many of yooz already know of this historical figure in freethoughtland; I'm slow to the punch coming from an isolated education, but…

Started by AgeOfAtheists14

2 Feb 1, 2010
Reply by David Cortesi

If you see a difference, then please explain the difference between the ability to choose and free will.

I have noticed a tendency of many people to suggest that the ability to make a choice and the property or concept of free will are two diff…

Started by Howard S. Dunn

139 Feb 1, 2010
Reply by Howard S. Dunn

Is God math and Science his Prophet?

In a philosophical way I like to define god as math with science being his prophet. That tends to throw religionists out of orbit and open…

Started by Chris G

34 Feb 1, 2010
Reply by Roy The Infidel

Determinism in dreams

First, understand that, to me, materialism refers not to 'matter' as opposed to 'energy.' We know those are just two manifestations of the…

Started by Howard S. Dunn

7 Jan 30, 2010
Reply by Howard S. Dunn

Happy Thomas Paine Day! (1737-1809)

  January 29th is Thomas Paine Day. He was born this day in 1737 (though some sources say it was Feb. 9th) in Thetford, England. This is a…

Started by Hugh Kramer

1 Jan 29, 2010
Reply by John D

Favorite Atheist Sayings, No. 2

"Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both ab…

Started by James M. Martin

5 Jan 28, 2010
Reply by Freedom of Anonymity

Diamond In the Rough

One more author.Of Ender's Game, actually. Orson Scott Card is an iconic writer in science-fiction and fantasy. The Ender series alone brou…

Started by greyfoot

1 Jan 25, 2010
Reply by greyfoot

Imagination, dreams, illusions, delusions, cognitive-dissonance - are all causes and effects - so free will - even if it is an illusion, delusion, and/or etc. - has a cause and is effective.

Even in a deterministic view - calling free will an illusion does not negate it as a causal force. Therefore, it exists and interacts with…

Started by Howard S. Dunn

74 Jan 22, 2010
Reply by Howard S. Dunn


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