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Muslim... Atheist?

The person who said it never got back to me, but I am curious (to anyone who actually sees this, I suppose), what are people's thoughts on…

Started by Broken Xeno

17 2 hours ago
Reply by Idaho Spud

We might as well all just kill ourselves

Since there is no afterlife of eternal joy for us and that we are bound to live lives of suffering just to die in the end and to forever re…

Started by Matt Gabe

12 yesterday
Reply by Čenek Sekavec

Christian Jokes

If you have come up with any Christian jokes or have found any, then go ahead and share them.  Here are two of my own I came up with to sta…

Started by Matt Gabe

11 on Tuesday
Reply by Dyslexic's DOG

How would you define these types of people?

If there were a bunch of innocent people who had full good value towards other good people, but did not want to face the truth of reality a…

Started by Matt Gabe

59 on Monday
Reply by Visvakarman Svetasvatara-Upanish

Religious Rituals Originated From Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

For many who are rational critical thinkers, this  link between religious rituals and OCD is quite obvious. Why? OCD sufferers tend to crea…

Started by Dyslexic's DOG

5 on Monday
Reply by Michael Penn

Atheists are more special than they realize.

Firstly, The question is, how do people get to be atheists? The most common path to becoming an atheist is through Rational Critical Thinki…

Started by Dyslexic's DOG

28 on Monday
Reply by Dyslexic's DOG

The afterlife should still matter to atheists

Now just because something doesn't exist doesn't mean that it doesn't matter.  In other words, just because an afterlife of eternal joy doe…

Started by Matt Gabe

144 on Monday
Reply by Joan Denoo

Anyone know when and where Teddy Roosevelt called Tom Paine dirty (or filthy) little atheist?

I've found references to this quote in many sources and websites but not a single citation as to when and where the comment was made.

Started by eric stone

10 on Sunday
Reply by Dyslexic's DOG

We atheists are all inferior

We are all inferior human beings since we are not transcended immortal god-like beings.  We are not transcended above evolution and we are…

Started by Matt Gabe

8 on Saturday
Reply by Visvakarman Svetasvatara-Upanish

How me being an atheist just doesn't work out for me

I am the type of person who strictly wishes to be free in life and to live by his own values and to not have my life dictated.  This is not…

Started by Matt Gabe

24 Feb 12
Reply by Čenek Sekavec


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