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I am proud to say that it has been nearly two years since I have asked you for donations, and I’m sure you know that it is rare for organizations like Nexus. This has only been possible because we have endeavored to keep our expenses quite low. Primarily, this has been accomplished in three ways. First, we have never had any paid staff; second, our small amount of advertising, and third, a handful of members contribute to Nexus on a regular basis.

As I am writing this, Nexus now has more than 32,000 members and 1100 specialized groups. On top of that, we are the proud sponsor of a very active 13,000+ member Facebook group. Despite these great numbers, the vast majority of activity on our site comes from the tens of thousands of individuals who visit regularly to read articles and to acquire knowledge about nontheism. However, for whatever reason, these individuals have not decided to join. This is more than understandable based on the perils many would face by doing so.

I continually receive emails from those who tell me that Nexus helped them build the courage to “come out” as nonbelievers to their friends and family. Likewise, I hear from multiple individuals who feel all alone in their local area, and that Nexus has provided them with a sense of community. These are extremely humbling, and I am continually grateful.

Nevertheless, there has been a handful of times when I have had to reach into my own pocket to make ends meet, and unfortunately, this is something that I can no longer afford to do. Similarly, our lack of regular funding has had two other unfortunate consequences. We have not been able to keep up on site improvements and technological advances, and our participation in regional and national conferences has almost completely stopped. Both of which are necessary for Nexus to remain relevant. We are at a crossroads, and if we do not commit to change, we will stagnate and die.

I am confident that we have developed a plan that will put us on the right path, and there are two ways in which you can help out now.

First, we have started a GoFundMe campaign to catch up on past expenses, and to begin funding some massive site upgrades. The money received will be allocated in that order.

Please contribute by going to:

The second way to participate will be taking advantage of our new membership structure. Let me be clear, membership of Atheist Nexus will always be free. I am well aware that there are hundreds of members who cannot afford to contribute even a couple of dollars. However, the vast majority of us can make up the difference.

Beginning today, there will be a new option when you log into Atheist Nexus. You will be asked to donate monthly to Nexus. Of course, you will be able to choose not to participate, but the amounts begin at $3.00 a month. Basically, a cup of coffee every 30 days.

When you do participate, there will be added benefits to your Atheist Nexus experience. These will constantly be evolving, but here are the first few additions to your membership:

  • Your profile picture will be modified to include a badge which informs your fellow members that you proudly support Nexus.

  • At the first of the month, private groups will be created that can only be accessed by members of particular levels. These can be used for basic communications, or other purposes. I will also try to participate in these on a regular basis.

  • It is my ultimate goal to make Nexus free of all advertising, and as the levels of membership increase, this will begin to be implemented.

  • Also, as memberships grow, we plan on continually offering improvements. Some of these will include: a biweekly podcast, YouTube videos, and several other non-Nexus websites that will provide education and information to “new” (and “old”) nontheists.

To become one of the first of these members, sign up at:

Whether you are active on Nexus, only a Facebook contributor, or simply someone who wants to help out, your contributions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading this long letter. I am confident that some will not be happy with these changes, but again, we are at a crossroads. For Nexus to remain operational, and for basic membership to always remain free, this is crucial.

Take care,

Richard Haynes
(AKA: Brother Richard)


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